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Nana Ree’s Pups
Miniature Schnauzer in Missouri Welcomes You...

We are located in the Springfield Missouri Area. We have been involved with breeding Miniature Schnauzers since 2011 as what started as an impromptu pregnancy between our own house pets, both registered Miniature Schnauzers quickly turned into a fulfilling, adventurous, life-changing event. We have been able to share pups with loving families in 23 States and even the Bahamas and South America. We have one litter at a time which are all raised in our home and used to the sounds of a busy household and a lot of spoiling.  Our top priority is bringing a quality, well socialized pup to loving homes and ensuring the health and well-being of all our pups from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond.

Our Mommas

Black/Silver Miniature Schnauzer

Nana Rees

   Meet Renzee

From the minute she was born, Renzee our Black/Silver has completely captivated us. Now at adult weight of 13 pounds, Her beautiful brown eyes and her instinctual loving personality are an unbeatable combination and her pups are sure to bring lots of joy to their new forever family.

Miniature Schnauzer

Nana Rees Pups

Nana Rees Pups

Renzee April .jpg



Nana Rees

  Meet DayZee

 We love all our dogs at Nana Ree’s Miniature Schnauzers, and DayZee our Salt n Pepper at 12 pounds is one of the most beautiful Sweethearts we have ever seen. She has a piece of my Heart for sure . 

 Everest  "Evee"


Nana Rees Pups

    Meet Everest

    aka  "Evee"

 This little Beauty is new to Nana Ree’s Pups, and is expected to reach 9 pounds at maturity. She a True White with Mega Coat. And has a Heart as big as Everest!

 SuZee Que
Liver/Tan Miniature Schnauzer

Nana Rees

    Meet SuZee Que
SuZee is our 9 pound 

Liver/Tan Miniature Schnauzer and has her first litter of pups. SuZee Que is the perfect combination of sweet and spunky, and will produce beautiful puppies ranging in size from T-Cup to Small Toy.
  We invite you to join us in welcoming SuZee Que and her puppies to our family.

Liver and Tan Miniature Schnauzer

Nana Rees Pups

SuZee and Zak 11-23.jpg

Nana Rees Pups

Nov 2023

 1 male available 
Taz 9.jpeg

Nana Rees Pups

Meet Taz... Born on
Eclipse Day April 8th  Click on Photo for Info

Hurry ONLY 1 Male Available.... he will come with Registration papers, Canine Health & Vaccination Record and a starter of current food for easier transition. All my pups are raised inside and used to attention, bathing and grooming and sounds of a busy household.  ~  We are located  near Springfield Missouri. 
     I am not a kennel as the Parents of all  my lovable little characters are my own house pets, all registered CKC Miniature Schnauzers... I have parented only Miniature Schnauzers for over 20 years and would never have anything else!

*No Shipping as I believe it's traumatic and also believe a family should meet their new member before bringing them home. 
** Read my testimonials on and you'll see why my pups go fast, then, give me a call before all of these fantastic pups are spoken for!

Zak & SuZee's first litter


Nana Rees Pups


White Chocolate Female with Icy Hazel Eyes

Nana Rees Pups


Nana Rees Pups

  #Drake is SOLD




  Our #1 Sire
Zak of Grant

White Chocolate Miniature Schnauzer

Nana Rees Pups

We are proud to introduce our Sire, Zak of Grant,

he is a handsome White Chocolate Miniature

Schnauzer weighing 13 pounds with Amber Hazel eyes. He is known for his intelligence and loyalty, and is a funny character who likes to think he is the leader of the pack, which often leads to humorous situations. Zak is a very loving and affectionate dog who loves to cuddle and be by our side. Zak is sure to sire the perfect addition

to your family! 

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